How to fix QuickBooks error code 5502


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QuickBooks is considered as the most promising accounting software that easily takes care of all of your needs to process the accounting and bookkeeping necessities. It provides you a greater facility to ease the accounting exercise. However, sometimes you may get an issue with QuickBooks that is error code 5502 which can occur at the time of storing the data in your QuickBooks account. There are some easy steps to troubleshoot this error that you can find in this article while you also have an option to call at QuickBooks customer care number to get the issue fixed.


Simple methods to solve the QuickBooks error 5502

There are several reasons that can cause the QuickBooks error 5502 and you can get the easy fixes by following these simple methods:

Method 1. This quite an easy method that you can apply manually by protecting your computer and the data of the software by our own and make a complete task to remove the issue. You need to apply these steps:

  • You need to find them .ND file in the company document
  • Now hit the right click to rename the file
  • By using the QuickBooks data server scan the file
  • Now you may be seeing your files name and that means your problem is solved
  • Now you can press the “Ok” button and proceed to scan

Method 2. If you not able to solve your issue with the above-mentioned method and still getting the error message you should follow these steps:

  • Create a new folder where you need to copy the company document file
  • Now you need to rename them .QBM file and save the file
  • With.QBB you have to rename the extension
  • Now restore all the backups

Method 3. You can verify the sync manager. The recent updates of the QuickBooks are able to fix all the bugs and make it easy for you to process the removal of error. You can complete this easy process by following these given methods:

  • Update the latest sync manager
  • Now log in to the system as an administrator
  • Then reboot your system to complete the process

Get the QuickBooks support for better assistance:

Once you apply these methods you will be solving your issues with an easy application. However, in some cases, problem are much deeper than it appears and you get failed all the time while solving your issue on your own. In such cases, you need expert support and complete guidance you perform the globally proven methods. You need to call at QuickBooks customer support number and get the quality support from the expert community that will be solving your issues with easy fixes.