QuickBooks payroll error 31059


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QuickBooks is a highly reliable accounting software that is of great help to small businesses. Using this software the life of accountants and business owners are simplified to a huge extent. This software takes over all the accounting and payroll tasks for the users. Moreover, this software is accurate and provides the users with efficient results. One can easily feel that this software would be completely flawless, but that is not the case. There are certain setbacks the users of this software comes across with. One of the major defects that this software suffers with is the error 31059 which affects the payroll feature. Users encounter this error when the company file is corrupted, when the EIN status is inactive or even with there is some kind of complication or error in the installation process of QuickBooks. If you come across this error while using this software, there isn’t much to worry about. QuickBooks provides its users with an efficient customer care service. You can easily connect with the QuickBooks Customer care number, where the customer can easily connect with trained professionals and avail their service to counter any issue that you have come across with the software. This service is available on a 24x7 hour basis and it completely free of charge..

There are multiple ways in which you can overcome this issue. You can choose to counter the issue using the system restore method or even by adding EIN to the company file. If you are not able to succeed using one method you can always opt for the other given option.

Method 1: Conducting system restore in windows

  • In the search box of the start menu, search for ‘System Restore’
  • After you find the option, opt for it and use the admin password
  • You would be provided with the instructions that need to be followed
  • Follow every step accurately
  • Once all the steps are complete, your system would be restored to the previous setting

Method 2: Add EIN to the company file

  • The first thing to be done it to log in to QuickBooks
  • After you log in successfully, choose the payroll menu and look for ‘Use my existing payroll service’ option
  • When you select this option, you would be provided with a new window with the name ‘Account Maintenance’, choose the ‘Add file’ button that is available
  • After you select the said button, you would be provided with an option which says ‘Add EIN number’ along with a radio button
  • If you find the radio button to be disabled, it means you have accurately subscribed or activated the EIN number
  • In the end, review and refine all the information and then return to QuickBooks

By strictly following the steps you would be able to solve the error 31059 effectively. If not and you find some additional technical errors it is suggested that you connect with the QuickBooks technical support number and avail their professional assistance to overcome your issue instantly.