Quicken is an accounting software working amazingly solving the needs of personal accounting. Quicken software was launched by leading financial management company Quicken Inc. In 1983. If you are facing issues in accounts management you should get the services of Quicken. It as an advanced technology software that helps to manage financial details and financial statements quite easily and securely. If you are aware of Quickbooks, another accounting software, you can easily get the idea of Quicken as the work methodology of both software is quite the same. The difference between them is that Quicken is meant to solve personal accounting issues while Quickbooks is made for business purposes and handle the company’s accounts. With the of Quicken, individuals can keep tracking of your financial records such as expenses, bill payment, EMI etc. It provides facility to keep records on a monthly basis, quarterly or yearly basis as per your requirements. The most intriguing feature of this software is its interface that is quite user-friendly and one can easily process ones accounting records.


Quciken also has a quality support system and for any requiremnt one can easily call at Quicken customer care number for best assistance. It is designed understanding the needs of users and also fully compatible with various devices such as smartphones, PC or tablets. It provides great user experience as well. It is such an easy to handle software that a non-technical person like housewives can also use it quite easily regulating and maintaining their monthly budget.

Advantages of Quicken software

Quicken is meant to solve the requirements of individuals in their finance and accounting needs and help them manage their financial data in a professional way. It helps to get a reminder of EMI or bill payment and provide proper expense management. You can set your financial goals by analyzing your budget and expenses using this software. Below are some highlighted benefits:

  • It has quite a simple and easy user interface provide easy navigation.
  • It is designed as a traditional account register with some innovative advances.
  • You can make different categories related to different types of income and expenses.
  • Using the budgeting wizard feature you can complete ou budget with proper expenses analysis.
  • You can also track your investments.
  • You can manage your spending habits and keep an eye on money flow.
  • The pie charts and flow charts put your data in quite an understandable manner to make your analysis quite easy.
  • It fully compatible and can also be accessed on mobile.
  • It is automatic in updating your expenses.
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These are some highlighted features that you get using Quicken software. However, it is quite easy to use but sometimes you need some expert assistance to solve an issue come up with this software. For any assistance, you can contact Quicken customer service number at any time of maximum support.

Some common technical issues

Despite having the quality user interface and easy-to-use process you may face some kind of issue occasionally. This is a technical software and if you are not aware of technical knowledge you may get puzzled and confused. However, you can contact Quicken tech support number for further assistance and can solve your problems easily. Below are some common issues:

  • Issues with the installation process.
  • Loss of financial data and records
  • The system getting freeze issue
  • Issues with software updates
  • Unable to take print directly from the software
  • Files aren't saving inside the system
  • Quicken transactions not uploading issue
  • Data recovery issues
  • Loss of reinforcement records
  • Database unavailable issue
  • Error while downloading or exchange processes

Quicken is made of personal uses and thus it is quite easy to use and present a simple user interface. However, if you are a new user you may face some difficulties. To make it an easy process you can follow these steps:

  • Purchase Quicken subscription from
  • After getting the software you can sign up with a username and password
  • Now you need to set up the profile
  • Set up the account and provide the bank details for sync.
  • Then set up the preferences.
  • Then you will be asked to take a tour of software for proper guidance.
  • Now you can update and make a category for transactions
  • Then you can link the bills and set up reminder also

First of all confirm that you are on the latest Quicken release. After that follow these simple steps:

  • Select the Tools > One step Update, or can choose Help > Check for Updates
  • Click on 'Update Now'
  • If an update is available you can easily update your software by following some given directions.

Follow below-given steps to get the issue fixed:

  • Select Tools > One Step Update Summary and find the financial institution where this OL error is present and then verify the exact error code from the mentioned above.
  • Now open the account register
  • Click on 'Account Actions' which you can find at the top right of the register.
  • Now click the button 'Update Now'

By following these steps you can solve your issues but also for the further assistance you can call at Quicken customer care number as well.

There are some easy methods to solve this issue you can check it one by one as given below:

Method 1. Check the internet connection

The software is unable to perform well under the low internet circumstances, so, first of all, make sure that you are accessing a reliable and strong internet connection. Check your WiFi connection or mobile internet depend upon what type of internet you are using. After getting a proper internet connection you can fix this issue.

Method 2. Check if the financial server is online

When ou processing the downloading or updating any transaction from your bank account you have to make sure that associated server is online at that time otherwise you won't be able to perform the activity. This could also happen is the bank server is down. You have to wait for your bank server coming back online then you can easily perform the action.

Method 3. Verify the account settings

You can also check for the correct account setting and match with you provided bank account. It is different you can't process the activity. You need to make sure that they are synced properly then you can easily download or update transactions.

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Get the expert assistance using Quicken tech support

This article provides some common solution for some issues but if you are still not getting the proper solution you can call at Quicken technical support number for further assistance and can get your issue fixed.